Gallup, Inc., a Washington, D.C.-based analytics and advisory company, has released its latest poll on long-term investments. The survey, conducted from April 3 to April 25, 2023, features responses from 1,013 adults aged 18 and older residing in the United States. The poll covers various investment options such as real estate, gold, stocks, bonds, and crypto assets.

According to the Gallup Poll, real estate remains the top choice for long-term investment, but its appeal has declined among Americans, dropping from 45% to 35% from the previous year. Lydia Saad, the author of the report, noted that this percentage is consistent with the typical selection rate from 2016 to 2020, before the pandemic caused housing prices to surge. She added that higher interest rates have also dampened investor enthusiasm.

Gold Surges in Popularity

The Gallup Poll also revealed that gold has experienced a significant increase in popularity as a long-term investment option. The precious metal’s popularity has surged from 15% to 26% since last year, overtaking stocks and becoming the second most favored long-term investment according to the respondents. Meanwhile, stocks have remained relatively stable, with a slight dip from 24% to 18%.

Crypto Assets’ Appeal Declines

Last year, 8% of surveyed Americans preferred crypto assets for long-term investment, but this figure has decreased to 4%. The decline is attributed to the FTX contagion and the slump in bitcoin prices in 2022, which have dampened enthusiasm for crypto assets. Interestingly, the survey found that when crypto assets were included as an option, respondents were less likely to choose stocks, but their preference for stocks increased when crypto assets were not among the choices.

Bonds Remain Unpopular

Bonds, which were outperformed by crypto assets as a long-term investment option last year, garnered a score of only 7% in the latest poll.

In summary, Gallup’s latest poll on long-term investments reveals a shift in preferences among Americans. While real estate remains the top choice, its appeal has declined, and gold has surged in popularity, surpassing stocks as the second most favored long-term investment option. Conversely, the appeal of crypto assets has decreased, and bonds remain unpopular.


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