The Rolante Hospital Foundation (FHR), a large general hospital in the municipality of Rolante, has become the first hospital in Brazil to accept cryptocurrency as payment. FHR is the oldest hospital in the municipality, and patients will now be able to use cryptocurrency to pay their medical bills, for outpatient treatment, and to buy medicine.

Crypto Adoption in the Municipality of Rolante

The municipality of Rolante, with a population of around 22,000, has become a hotspot for cryptocurrency adoption. According to Brazilian media outlet Livecoins, 120 merchants and service providers in the municipality accept payments in Bitcoin and other cryptoassets. Rolante has become the “largest crypto adoption hub in Brazil”. The media outlet also noted that hotels, tourism firms, and hang gliding firms in the municipality accept a range of tokens, including Bitcoin.

BTC Advocates in the State

BTC advocates have become active in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where Rolante is located, launching initiatives to boost the use of Bitcoin in the region. Several of these initiatives aim to promote Bitcoin as a means of payment in commerce.

Rise in Latin American Customers Using Crypto to Pay in Stores

Bank card issuers have reported a rise in Latin American customers using cryptocurrency to pay in stores throughout the region. Some believe that the prolonged rise in inflation in the region has greatly aided the cause of local crypto advocates.

Overall, the acceptance of cryptocurrency by the Rolante Hospital Foundation marks a significant milestone in Brazil’s growing adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptoassets. With the region facing economic challenges due to inflation, more businesses and individuals may turn to cryptocurrency as a means of payment and store of value. The initiatives launched by BTC advocates in the state of Rio Grande do Sul may also further promote the use of Bitcoin in commerce, potentially leading to even wider adoption in the region.


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