, a leading cryptocurrency platform, has taken legal action to recover funds following an erroneous transaction. The incident revolves around an individual named James Deutero McJunkins Jr., a resident of Georgia and a user of McJunkins allegedly received a deposit of $50,000 in his account on June 24, 2022, which was later found to be an error. In response, McJunkins transferred the funds to his bank account on the same day. Despite multiple requests from to return the funds, McJunkins failed to do so, leading to the initiation of an arbitration process. The company filed claims, including breach of contract, civil theft, unjust enrichment, and conversion.

Legal Proceedings and Arbitration Award:

Following the arbitration process, was granted an award. The arbitration award required McJunkins to pay $76,391.46 to within 30 days of its issuance. However, McJunkins failed to fulfill this obligation, prompting to seek confirmation from the court through its recent legal filing. The filing acknowledges that the arbitration award could be vacated or modified if there were instances of fraud, partiality, misconduct, abuse of power, miscalculation, or other issues during the arbitration process. asserts that these factors are not present in this case, emphasizing that McJunkins did not respond to or dispute the arbitration award.

The awarded amount of $76,391.46 comprises $50,000 in actual damages, $1,786.11 in statutory interest, $21,205.35 in attorneys’ fees, and $3,400 in arbitration costs. This legal action serves as a reminder that accepting large incorrect transactions can lead to legal consequences, even within the realm of cryptocurrency.

Previous Incident and Lessons Learned:

This recent case is not the first time has faced an erroneous transaction. Less than a year ago, the company mistakenly paid one of its users over $10 million instead of the approximately $100 owed. In response, the affected users were accused of theft and were compelled to return the majority of the funds. These incidents highlight the importance of carefully handling and verifying transactions, even in the realm of cryptocurrency.

In summary, has taken legal steps to recover funds following an erroneous transaction involving James Deutero McJunkins Jr. The arbitration process resulted in an award requiring McJunkins to pay $76,391.46 to, which he failed to fulfill. The company has now sought court confirmation to enforce the award. This case, along with a previous incident, serves as a reminder of the legal consequences that can arise from accepting large incorrect transactions within the cryptocurrency industry.


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