Ecoterra is a new cryptocurrency that is advocating for a sustainable ecosystem through digital carbon credits. The effects of climate change have become increasingly evident, and individuals and entities have embraced technologies that offer intentional ways to offset carbon emissions. Among these emerging technologies, Ecoterra offers the best solutions to support environmentally friendly initiatives with its token, ECOTERRA.

The Global Carbon Credit Market

Reports show that the global carbon pricing generated $84 billion in revenue, a 60% increase, in 2021. Moreover, the global carbon credit market value stood at 760.28 billion in 2021, with experts estimating a compound annual growth of 21.4% from 2023-2028. This figure shows the expected growth rate of innovative climate financing solutions, like Ecoterra, in the coming months.

Recycle-to-Earn Blockchain Ecosystem

Ecoterra is a Recycle-to-Earn blockchain ecosystem that rewards users for recycling, offers carbon offset and recycled materials marketplaces, and enables companies to track their environmental impact. This novel project aims to reward users for their recycling actions to offset their carbon footprint on the environment. Ecoterra encourages people to embrace environmentally friendly lifestyles that support a sustainable ecosystem through redeemable incentives.

The Ecoterra Ecosystem

The Ecoterra ecosystem comprises four main components, which include the following:

– The Recycle-to-Earn app that allows users to scan recyclable items such as bottles, aluminum cans, and plastics to earn ECOTERRA tokens as incentives. The app also allows users to hold, stake, and spend earned ECOTERRA tokens.
– The carbon offset marketplace that allows users and corporate entities to eliminate their carbon footprint through several projects using ECOTERRA tokens. Ecoterra will add each carbon offset to the company or individual’s impact profile.
– The recycled materials marketplace that simplifies the connection between companies and recyclers. Companies can access recycled materials using custom filters for countries or regions and purchase these items using Ecoterra tokens.
– The impact profile that rates companies or user profiles based on their ecological behavior. Companies can purchase impact packages to counteract the harmful effects of their production. Users can track the impact profile online using a link or scanning a QR code.


Ecoterra uses the ECOTERRA token to fuel its operations, and the token’s presale has been ongoing for several weeks, attracting bullish investors who recognize the project’s potential. Currently, the project is in the presale phase, having completed 6 out of 9 steps, and the ECOTERRA token is priced at $0.007750. As the project moves into presale stage 7, the token price will rise to $0.008500 and $0.010000 in the final stage. Interested users will need to act fast to secure the lowest possible price.

The world is adopting green initiatives at an intense pace, suggesting that the carbon credit market might soon explode. Ecoterra provides a revolutionary opportunity for individuals and companies to contribute to environmental sustainability while earning rewards through its Recycle-to-Earn blockchain ecosystem. Join this innovative project today and reap massive benefits later.


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