UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is seeking to update his government’s guidelines for regulating artificial intelligence (AI) development. The government aims to ensure public safety as the technology is advancing rapidly, and some of its uses are unknown.

New Regulations to be Implemented

According to The Guardian, Sunak’s government published a white paper in March. However, the suggestions outlined in that paper are now considered outdated, and the government is looking to tighten regulations in line with new developments.

The government spokesperson stated that the new regulations aim to ensure public safety, and some of the technology is moving so fast that it is unknown. Sunak met with AI sector leaders, including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis, on May 24th. He then met Google CEO Sundar Pinchai on May 26th.

Concerns Raised by the Government

After the first meetings, the government acknowledged the risks associated with AI development, such as disinformation, national security, and potential existential threats. Sunak reportedly aims to create an international regulatory agreement around AI development, but bipartisan MPs are focused on advancing legislation that would create rules for companies working with AI within the UK.

Either plan could lead to the creation of new regulatory bodies.

AI Regulation in Europe and the US

Other jurisdictions have already attempted to regulate the industry. Italy was among the first countries to block ChatGPT in April before it reversed that ban in May. Other areas, including Spain, France, and parts of Germany, have inquired into possible AI data protection and privacy violations.

Europe is now attempting to broadly regulate the AI industry, as the European Parliament announced an “AI Act” on May 11th. US Senators also held a hearing on May 16th, during which OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testified and advocated for the creation of AI regulations.

The UK government is taking steps to tighten AI regulations to ensure public safety in the face of rapidly advancing technology. While bipartisan MPs are focused on advancing legislation for companies working with AI within the UK, Sunak aims to create an international regulatory agreement. Other jurisdictions are also attempting to regulate the industry, and Europe has announced an “AI Act” to broadly regulate AI development.


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