During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Kris Marszalek, CEO of Crypto.com, discussed plans for new benefits on the Crypto.com card during the upcoming bull market. In the last bull cycle, Crypto.com cardholders enjoyed enticing benefits, including substantial cashback and increased staking rewards, but these were cut in response to deteriorating market conditions.

Marszalek acknowledged that the card benefits are funded by trading activity on the platform, making generous perks possible during favorable market conditions. With signs of crypto winter thawing, Crypto.com is brainstorming and experimenting with new card benefits in anticipation of the next bull cycle. However, Marszalek did not provide details on the specific benefits.

When asked about the timing of the bull market, Marszalek did not give a specific timeframe but instead emphasized the company’s strategy of building during a bear market. With the Bitcoin halving only a year away, the company has a narrow window of four quarters to develop and deliver products in anticipation of the market uptick.

Marszalek encouraged users to prepare now for the next cycle, as their actions will determine their outcomes. He added that Crypto.com will be ready when the market turns and is focused on building and delivering new products during the current market conditions.

While users were disappointed with the sudden cutbacks, they understood that they were necessary given the market conditions. Marszalek acknowledged the feedback and said that the company is working to ensure that the new benefits will be sustainable during both bull and bear markets.

In conclusion, Marszalek assured viewers that Crypto.com is committed to improving its services and delivering new benefits to its users. The company is focused on building during the current market conditions and is preparing for the next cycle.


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