Black & White Burger, a French fast food chain in Belgium, has recently announced that it will accept cryptocurrency payments in all of its 12 outlets across the nation. In addition to this, the chain has created a “mystery burger” that will only be available to customers who pay using cryptocurrency.

The Partnership

The fast food chain has partnered with a French cryptocurrency app developer, Lyzi, to facilitate the payment process. Customers will be able to use 70 different tokens to pay for their food and drink orders, making Black & White the first chain in Belgium to offer customers the option to pay using cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency

Mansour Nasr, the franchise chief of Black & White, believes that accepting cryptocurrency payments will help the chain meet the growing demand from customers who want to pay using digital currencies. He also expects that cryptocurrency payments could represent between 2% and 3% of the company’s revenue in Belgium.

Jerry Agondanou, the manager of the Brussels branch of Black & White, admitted that the chain’s motivation in adopting cryptocurrency payments was partly to create a buzz. However, the move will also attract a younger customer base that is more likely to use cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Expert Opinion

While the move by Black & White Burger has generated some excitement, experts have expressed their skepticism. Louis Larue, a researcher, believes that the chain is merely capitalizing on the popularity of cryptocurrency among younger age groups. He thinks that the burger chain is trying to ride the wave of influencers who praise cryptocurrency as a way to get rich quick and give investment advice.

An expert from the University of Gothenburg also believes that the move is part of a marketing plan. However, the fact remains that Black & White Burger is the first chain in Belgium to accept cryptocurrency payments, which could attract a new customer base and increase revenue.

Cryptocurrency Pay on the Rise

Black & White Burger is not the only business in France to accept cryptocurrency payments. Earlier this year, a French pharmacy made headlines when it began accepting cryptocurrency payments. In addition, Parisian Burger King outlets installed cryptocurrency pay-powered mobile phone charging stations.

Cryptocurrency payments are also reportedly on the rise in Brazil, with several card issuers launching solutions that allow customers to pay using tokens, with merchants receiving fiat. It remains to be seen whether the trend will continue to gain traction as more businesses adopt cryptocurrency payments.


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